At the young age of eight years old, in the early eighty’s a young boster was given his first science experiment kit from his aunt for Christmas. He has not put down the beaker since.

For thirty years I have been involved with psychopharmacology research of mood altering drugs. Some of which are drugs of abuse, others are everyday essentials. Studying the science of spirituality and how these compounds can be used to treat psychiatric conditions, addiction, stress disorders and other ailments as well as expand thought and look at the fundamentals of life as a human being.

Nootropics describe a broad classification of compounds with cognitive enhancing properties with minimal side-effects and appropriate for long-term use.

I recognize that human understanding and research behind psychopharmacology, nootropics, cognitive modulation, and broader biohacking is constantly evolving and improving.

techBo labs is a non-profit research group and educational outlet to bring about a new understanding of our knowledge of psychoactive compounds.

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