techBoITlabs conducts non-profit research and is an educational outlet to bring about the knowledge of new medicinal compounds.

About techBo

The work of this bench-top synthetic lab is for analytical purposes only.

For thirty years, techBo has focused on psychopharmacology research on anti-profiling and mood-altering drugs. In 1991 techBo was trained in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of British Columbia, and later on, in 2010, techBo specialized his knowledge of medicinal compounds attending the University of Ottawa for a specialized honours degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences with particular focus on Medicinal Chemistry. He completed his thesis on a new synthetic route to the anti-prolific drug Neopleltolide. Downloads are available here. He has given multiple lectures on current forensic techniques, one in the detection of illicit MDMA samples. Copies of his full resume are available here
Studying the forensic science of these compounds how they can be used to treat the terminally ill, psychiatric conditions, addiction, stress disorders, and other ailments as well as expand thought and look at the fundamentals of life as a human being is his passion.
Work in the lab consists of looking for new synthetic pathways to existing compounds. Most are plant and marine-derived medicines. By using simple and cost-effective building blocks, techBoITLabs research new synthetic pathways to produce medicines with less impact on our earth. Focusing on catalysts that increase yield and enantiomer specific placement of functional groups, all work is analytical. No activity or toxicology studies are done on-site.

Compounds are not for human consumption!