techBoITLabs Blockchain Research

And by donation to this pool, all funds shall be used solely for the purpose of creating eco-friendlier blockchain algorithms and systems that more efficient at mining these algorithms. To do this we will test single and dual-phase liquid cooling of ASICs and GPU’s. Our hope is to have a positive impact on global commerce and have less impact on our environment.

techBoITLabs Medicinal Chemistry & Biopsychopharmacology

This pool is given funds by donation of your choosing. These funds are to be used for scientific research in search of cures for those in need. Any profit will not be used for personal gain whatsoever. We wish no harm upon any individual, only love and the truth. We asked for the answers to our questions to come to us by way of coincidence and believe wholeheartedly that we are one. Free your mind and your ass will follow😇